These guiding principles are the bedrock of our commitment to fostering a strong and supportive school community. Within these bylaws are the values that steer our organization's mission, from promoting open communication between parents and educators to enhancing the educational experience of our children. Thank you for exploring this essential document that unites us in our collective pursuit of academic achievement and community cohesion. The Talley Street Upper Elementary
Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), Inc. bylaws (Amended 2023)


Meeting Agenda

We're excited to bring our school community together to discuss important topics, share updates, and plan for a successful year. Join us as we collaborate to enhance the educational experience for our students. We meet the second Thursday each month at 6 pm in the Talley Media Center or online. Here is a typical agenda for our meetings. If you have interest in making public comments or adding new business to the agenda, please email


Past Minutes


Meeting Date Minutes
May 16, 2024 Download Minutes
April 18, 2024 Download Minutes
March 14, 2024 Download Minutes
February 8, 2024 Download Minutes 
January 11, 2024 Download Minutes
December 14, 2023 Download Minutes
November 9, 2023 Download Minutes
October 12, 2023 Download Minutes 
September 14, 2023 Download Minutes
August 10, 2023 Download Minutes
July 13, 2023 Download Minutes
June 20, 2023 Download Minutes

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